Newport Sock Exchange coming soon!

All types of socks.  Bright colors, wedding party sock boxes, kids color your own socks, comic con, sporting socks, 

223 Spring Street, Newport R.I.

Featured Socks

Glow in the Dark Socks

Charge the socks by exposing to light.  Light up your night in Newport!

Scented Socks

No more smelly feet.  Scents come in lilac, peppermint, vanilla, sugar cookies, and even chocolate

Say it with a Sock!

No more greeting cards.  A card is attached to sock to write a personal message.  Make it memorable!

the sock wave

Send us a photo of your socks displayed on Feet of Wave!

We will post it on Facebook and Instagram.  Most likes gets free socks.  One winner every day!  Make sure you caption your photo with the phrase "I bought my socks at the Newport Sock Exchange!

Located at Perry Mill Wharf across from Post Office!

Tic Tac Toe

Buy three pairs of socks.  Each pair has an X or an O.  Get three X's or three O's and you hit tic tac toe!  Get a free pair of sox!

Billionaire Sock Club

Join our sock club.  Receive a box of the newest and latest socks trending!  Ask for more details!

Pair and a Spare

That's right for the person who always loses a sock.  Three socks make a pair at the Newport Sock Exchange!

Book your Ugly Sock Party Now!

Great stocking stuffers for the person who has everything!

Color Your Own Sock Workshop for Kids

Every Saturday 9-11

Kids come color a pair of your own socks!

July 21st and 23rd!

Proceeds benefit Seniors on Aquidneck Island!

"The Forgotten Ones"

We provide seniors with transportation to medical appointments, provide assistance with haircuts, gas for their cars, dentures, tickets to a play or movie, or anything to keep them active, feeling good about themselves, and making life just a bit easier!

Purchase Tickets Three Ways!

Salvation Army Main Hall, 51 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, R.I. 02840

Meet and greet our acts!  Autographs and photo session after the show!

This is a funding source for our charity!

Our Drivers donate

Specialize in Early A.M. Airport Runs

Our Drivers donate their earnings to help seniors.  They also provide free uber rides to seniors to go to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or just a day out of the house.

Don't get stuck! NO UBER AVAILABLE

Text us at 401-662-3668 and preschedule your airport pickup.  We will text back a confirmation.  We always use the uber app.

Don't have an UBER account?

No problem.  Are you a senior and don't have a phone to download app.  We can help.  Ask how!

Don't want to use UBER?

No Problem.  We can still schedule your ride and you can donate the fare.  We take all forms of credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

Service to Logan, TF Green, and Amtrak Train Station in West Kingston, R.i. and Providence

Yes.  We have a DPU Certificate to drop off at Logan Airport!

Need a Shuttle for Wedding or Conference?

No problem.  We charge by the seat and can get your wedding party to its destination or shuttle all day if you like!  Ask for more details!

Want private tours?  We have a Hidden Gem Tour available featuring places on the island that most people don't know exist.  Get a narrated tour!

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide free meals at local restaurants, transportation to medical appointments,  financial assistance for funeral and burial costs, food, furnishings, unreimbursed medical expenses, and improve the everyday lives of seniors on Aquidneck Island.  Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card