We need volunteers! Can you spare some time? We will provide vehicle. Must be 25

Help Provide FREE transportation to  Seniors!

Purchase socks at our retail store.  Cannot drive anymore?  Donate your vehicle.  Call 401-437-4400

468 Thames Street, Newport R.I.

How You Can Help!

Volunteer Your Time to Drive

Our seniors need YOU!  Are you retiring and thinking of volunteering?  Apply to be on our roster.   No schedules.  We let you know when someone needs a ride.  Then you decide if you have time or not.  If your a handyman an would like to be on our call list, seniors need minor services.

Donate Uber and Other Type Gift Cards

Our seniors sometimes have to choose between food on their table or what most of us consider luxuries like a haircut, movie, or going out to eat, or having a pet.  Many seniors rely on their pets for companionship.  UBER Gift cards, grocery stores, food establishments, movie tickets, veterinary gift cards or hair salons make a big difference!

Purchase Socks at Newport Sock Exchange or Hold an Ugly Sock Home Party /Fundraiser

4/14/2018 - What an evening.  A special thank you to Channing, Margit Baum Fund, Susan Booth and Stephen and Frances Booth for hosting our event! The friends raised $1,786.00 ( 215.00 in gift cards) for Newport Coffee Cup Project, Inc. to be used for poor and indigent seniors in Newport!  

To Qualify For Services...We require 48 hours notice

You Must be at Least 65 years of Age

If you no longer drive or own a car due to health issues, can no longer take the bus or logisticare because you either need assistance getting in and out of a vehicle we can help!  We require photo identification showing proof of age!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you currently are eligible for Logisticare, you should continue to use their services.  We are NOT a replacement service for Logisticare!

Be a Referral from Local Agency

We currently accept appropriate referrals from Child and Family Services, VNA, Hospice, Doctors Offices, local hair salons and businesses along with Rehab services.  If you require someone to assist you to a medical appointment such as colonoscopy for example and have no relatives close by.  

Mental Health Patients must be pre-approved for our services and restrictions apply! 

We prefer all clients have a cell phone in most instances.  Call for more info!

Live in Newport, Middletown or Portsmouth

While we service special requests for Tiverton and Jamestown, prior approval is required.  

We require you to submit the following documentation prior to your first ride, photo identification (proof of age), signed waiver of liability, press release form, and proof of residency and an emergency contact!

Services in Tiverton will resume 10/1/2018!

Services for seniors offered

Free transportation

We ask for 48 hours notice.  Please preschedule your trip to your doctor, shopping, day out or other needs by calling 401-437-4400!  Leave a message and one of our volunteers will return your call.  

Minor Handyman Services

We understand when you lose mobility that doing simple chores like changing a light bulb, taking out the trash, mowing lawn or just moving a chair to another room can be a challenge.  We have volunteer handy people available.  The services must be approved and scheduled in advance.

We use UBER or LYFT!

When our volunteers are unavailable, we call an uber or lyft.  We pay the cost of the ride.  No tipping required.  You must sign and agree to use of this service upon registering with us. 

Every effort is made to ensure appropriate vehicles are matched to mobility needs.

Need a Little Extra Cash

We have openings at the Newport Sock Exchange!  Seniors Welcome.  Plus we can teach you the latest and greatest technology!  Work or volunteer  as much or as little as you like.   Certain requirements apply!

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide free meals at local restaurants, transportation to medical appointments, food, and improve the everyday lives of seniors on Aquidneck Island.  Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card