Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service FREE? qualified seniors.  This is not an entitlement program or government funded.  Disability does not automatically qualify you for our service as our eligibility requirements are not income driven.  Our eligibility is based on several factors such as whether you have access to transportation, family, mobility issues, medical issues, whether you own a car or drive.  Do you live alone at home and just need some help or do you qualify for government assistance.  We are a short term solution in most instances.  We evaluate every situation on a case by case basis.

Do you require tipping of volunteers?

No...If you desire to do so, a driver can accept a tip.  It goes directly to the driver.

Do you have a company vehicle?

Yes.  Currently we have one vehicle.

What if your vehicle is unavailable?

We have a Zip Car Account.

Who pays for Zip Car?  

WE DO!  No cost to you!

Who pays for the UBER or LYFT?

Newport Coffee Cup Project, Inc. pays for the ride and tip.  You must agree to use this service.   We recently purchased a vehicle.  Uber or LYFT are in the event no vehicle is available or you geographic location requires this service. 

Can I request a specific driver?

You may request a specific driver, however, we cannot guarantee they will be available.  If you schedule any rides without going through our main line, NCCP, Inc. does not bear any responsibility for the ride.  

I use a walker and can't get in an SUV, does that mean I can't use service?

No.  As part of the screening process we will determine what type of vehicles and drivers are available and match your needs.  

Can I use this for my family members who do not drive or have a vehicle?

NO!  This is for registered and qualified seniors only.  Failure to follow this policy will result in loss of privilege to use of our service in the future.

Do your drivers assist with groceries, opening doors, walkers or accompanying rider into medical appointments?

Our volunteer drivers are happy to help.  When you request service, please indicate you need assistance.  UBER and LYFT do NOT in most instances assist!

Do you provide transportation services to medical appointments?

YES.  PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOU CURRENTLY USE MTM WE ARE NOT A REPLACEMENT SERVICE.  YOU MUST CONTINUE TO USE MTM.  We will take you to medical appointment for emergencies OR if you need assistance which MTM cannot provide.  You may use our services to go grocery shopping, pharmacy, or hair appointment, or senior center.  Most rides are local, however, we understand sometimes the transport may be off island.  We ask for more than 48 hours and will do our best to accommodate whenever possible.  

Do I need a cell phone?

No.  However, we must have a means to contact you during your transport.  If you are going to medical appointment, we ask that the receptionist call our main line 15 min before to let us know you are ready.  

What if I need to cancel?

We understand sometimes appointments get cancelled or your not feeling well.  However, our volunteers time is valuable.  If you use an UBER and cancel we incur a cancellation fee.  While we will not charge you the cancellation fee, after three cancellations, you will no longer be able to use our service for 90 days.  

Can I do multiple stops on one ride?

Most of the time if your shopping we can go on one or two stops.  However, you cannot utilize a driver all day!  

We have a group of seniors who want to go on a day long trip.  Do you do that?

We can arrange group trips.  You must have a group leader and releases must be signed from riders.  Our responsibility begins with transport to and from destination.  We do not accept any responsibility for planning, activity, or during time your at your destination. These trips require 14 day notice!

My family members use to take me, can your service take me from now on?

Family is important to be active in seniors lives, so we encourage you ask family members first.  We understand balancing work and care for seniors can be challenging and want to help.  If we feel our service is being improperly taken advantage of, we will speak with you directly.  Additionally, if you have a car and can drive, do not use our service.  

Do you do Background Checks on Drivers?

In most instances yes.  Your safety is critical to the quality of our program.

Most UBER and LYFT drivers require background checks.   We rely on the process of UBER and LYFT.  If you are not comfortable, we suggest not consenting to use those services.

Do you accept Grants or Government Funding?

No.  Our founders decided when incorporated that non-profits should be able to self sustain themselves.  We do not accept any government or subsidized taxpayer money.  Our Board does not accept any salaries.  We have student volunteers and focus on hiring persons re-establishing themselves or students.

Do you solicit customers for private donations?

No.  We do not solicit for private donations.  While some have offered to hold private fundraisers, we do very few and rely on our sales of socks to fund the non-profit.  While private donations are accepted they are not tax deductible.  

Do you hold fundraisers?

No.   We simply sell socks!

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