Supporting the Cause!

Uber Driving

Uber drivers donate from earnings!  A good reason to pre-plan your trip to the Airport and Train Stations with us!

Simply text 401-437-4400 NEW NUMBER!  Indicate your name, pickup location, and final destination.  We will send you a confirmation.  We always go through the UBER app!  

No UBER account?  No Problem!  We take donations and accept MC, VISA, Disover, and all forms of debit cards!

The Sock Exchange

Purchase some crazy socks!  We are opening store on 223 Spring Street, Newport, R.I.  

Become a member of the Sock of the month Club!

Selections include Wedding Party Socks, Sports, Colorful Dress Socks, and much more!

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Partnering with Local Agencies

We are always interested in partnering with local agencies who service Seniors.

Currently partnering with Family and Elder Services Friendly Visitor Program.

Senior Fit!

Donate Online!

Visit our Home Page and click on Donate!